Role of heavy machinery

Role of heavy machinery

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With the introduction of heavy machinery in the world of construction, primarily to move large loads and replace the man in jobs requiring more physical effort and an increased risk in the execution, they were transformed into simple relative to earthworks and other materials associated with large public.

  • Backhoe:

It works like the human arm. You can digs, lift the material and unloading. A skilled operator knows backhoe operations require more the use the front loader. The operator must move the backhoe vehicle and operate simultaneously. The beginning of the operation to dig the hole and then download the material dug on the side (or even loading a truck parked nearby).

  • Tractor:

The caterpillar is perhaps the most basic and versatile machine in the construction industry. It serves many purposes, such as moving loads pushing or pulling them. These are versatile machines in many construction projects, where they can be used from the beginning to the end. Regular earth moving operation is practically a set of straight forward and backward movements. When the tractor moves forward, the front blade cutting engages the ground, for its load.

  • Excavator:

It is often used for excavation of rock and soil, however, thanks to its many accessories can also be used for cutting steel, breaking concrete, and holes in the ground, before the foundation of gravel pavement. You can digs lift the material and unload.

  • Compactor:

It is a very specialized hydraulic machine that facilitates the work of accelerated compaction and landfills.

Road construction has both science and art. However, forest, both in its planning and execution require a high degree of peculiar qualities. A varied knowledge, extensive experience and constant monitoring are essential for facing difficulties arising from the distance, isolation or limited material means. However, a job is essential because it can be said that where there are no forest roads there is no forest exploitation.