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Anyone who owns or manages fleets of trucks or passenger cars knows that business success is based on careful and regular vehicle maintenance. By choosing the right products and working with lubricant suppliers that know and care about your fleet as much as you, you will boost your business and ensure your fleet is always in tip top shape.

Reduce costs by reducing downtime

An inoperative fleet is a non-revenue fleet. Choosing the right lubricant is a crucial first step in maintaining your vehicles. TOTAL lubricants reduce operational downtime by protecting your car engines and preventing mechanical problems.

Increase fuel economy and minimize pollutant

A well lubricated engine is an efficient engine. This is the reason why investing in a high quality lubricant that offers fuel savings is a strategic way to reduce costs, save time and ensure the long term well-being of your fleet. Additionally, TOTAL lubricants are designed to reduce CO2 emissions and other pollutants, making them a smart move for owners and operators of environmentally conscious fleets.

A range of lubricants to meet every need

Rubia, a range of TOTAL lubricants approved by manufacturers, is one of the most complete ones. The products are suitable for all makes of trucks, buses and passenger vehicles; TOTAL will work with you to identify the specific products that meet your needs and keep your fleet rolling.