John Deere, Heavy Equipment Parts

John Deere, Heavy Equipment Parts

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John Deere heavy equipment has been a part of American manufacturing and construction since 1837. Originally run as a tiny blacksmith shop by John Deere himself, the business gradually expanded to include the manufacture of heavy equipment of all kinds. The company now produces not only construction machinery, but also a wide range of home lawn care devices and agricultural machinery. There is also a financing branch of the company that was created to allow farmers and business owners to purchase the company’s products with in-house credit.

John Deere heavy equipment for the construction industry includes tractors, excavators, terraces, cranes and more. As a worldwide corporate entity, the company is widely recognized as one of the world’s best. John Deere heavy equipment has a reputation for being reliable, durable and easy to use. The machines rarely break down, but when they do, there is always a replacement part close at hand. Thousands of authorized dealers exist in dozens of countries.

Your Construction Business Needs John Deere Heavy Equipment

As the largest independent North American retailer of parts for heavy equipment, is well-positioned to provide exactly what you need. If your excavators, bulldozers or other machinery needs repair, the company has service locations across the nation. It also has 17 retail locations throughout the continent. In addition, the company’s wholesale business operates worldwide.