How to operate a backhoe

How to operate a backhoe

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The backhoes, also sometimes called backhoe loaders are used for construction, demolish buildings, transport materials and perform tasks like landscaping, paving projects. Backhoes, in fact, are tractors having a bucket (or blade) on the front and a backhoe on the back part. Operating is not particularly difficult. It is imperative to follow precautions for safety and learning to operate with someone who has real experience.


  1. Mounted the backhoe and adjust your seat belt. Make sure the brake is on. Shifts the transmission to neutral.
  2. Turn the ignition and start the backhoe. Let the machine cool for about 10 minutes. When you’re ready to dig, take the lever that moves the excavator. The part between the tractor and excavator is called a pen. The part between the boom and the bucket end is called the opposite arm.
  3. Reverses the process to take charge of what you just dig. Move carefully rotating loaded excavator shovel into the back of the machine. Moving it from one side to another creates the risk that the excavator to overturn.
  4. Adjust the lever to release the load in its designated point. Repeat the process as necessary.
  5. Lower both the excavator bucket and shovel to ground level when the work ends. Park it on a ground that is relatively flat. Turn off the ignition.

Tips & Warnings

Backhoes are somewhat dangerous. Use a hard hat and work gloves for safety.