The tools and equipment used in the construction are under rigorous management. Since the beginning of development of the work, to the final construction external details, these tools are exposed to large amounts of dirt and abuse. The maintenance of appropriate tools and team building is essential if you want to preserve for future work. The lack of proper maintenance results in unnecessary expenses.


  1. Clean tools and construction equipment after each workday. While a thorough cleaning is not required daily, a general cleaning and removal of the heaviest dirt is the key to extend the life of the tools.
  2. Keep hoses and protect pedestrian traffic and heavy vehicles electrical cables. Forklift or other motorized machinery, can easily cut or pinch cables and hoses, preventing tools to work properly, and cause potential electrical damage. Cover electrical cords with ramps or housings built especially for that.
  3. Lubricate pneumatic tools and pneumatic equipment before each day of use; the condensation and pressure on hoses create an environment for corrosion inside them. You coating the internal components of these tools with air tool to displace oil and avoid moisture and corrosion of your tools.
  4. Inspect and repair all equipment and construction tools at the end of each job. Make all repairs necessary to the equipment for the following construction site. In this way you avoid wasting time with repair of faulty equipment on future construction sites.

Tips & Warnings :

Use only lubricants and air tools recommended by the tool manufacturer.