Heavy machines to fight fire

Heavy machines to fight fire

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In many cases, technological advances have been encouraged by military necessity. In the fight against forest fires, machines and strategies to fight the fire they are similar to those used in a war.

This work is a very large collection of machinery used worldwide to fight forest fires. Also about its history, its potential applications and future challenges, the forester explains, who has combined the work of gathering with his own professional experience in handling these machines.

In addition, machines are named as type tractors, excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel skidder and  among many other machines, whose functions are, from cutting trees and bushes, to carry water or boost water lines to extinguish a fire.

These machines are classified in several groups: “Land moving machines”, “pushing and pulling Machines,” “modified equipment for water transport” and a group of machines with more specific uses.

The main purpose of all this machinery is to break the line of fire throwing dirt and push away the branches. That, combined with the bombing of water, which is the first phase of extinction, and the work of forest fire, which is the last phase, can penetrate the fire and fight it from all these areas.