The company John Deere labels all its products, including equipment for tractors and backhoes, with numbers set containing information to identify the year in which the piece was made ​​or placed on the market, also known as the year of the model. There are many parts in a Deere backhoe, and many of the individual components and parts of the unit have been marked with serial numbers themselves. To avoid confusion between the serial numbers of the parts and the serial number or identification number, of the entire unit, Deere places the primary identification number for all products of the tractor in a consistent and easily accessible location.

Instructions :

  1. On the left side of the backhoe, look for a black metal label hanging over the left front axle. If necessary, use a flashlight to locate the label.
  2. Search the identification number of 13 digits recorded on the label, also known as the serial number of the tractor. If the number is obscured by dirt or dust, clean the stain with a clean damp cloth so that the number is clearly visible.
  3. Write legibly the number of 13 digits on a piece of paper. Keep the number in a safe place until you can decode it, and after that, store the information where it can be retrieved if the backhoe is damaged or stolen.
  4. Look at the eighth digit identification number and purchase, because this is the code number that identifies the model year.
  5. Compare your eighth digit to the table years of the models, which are on to identify the year of your backhoe.
  6. Search and contact a John Deere dealer for more information or assistance with aspects to the year of your model by using the search tool on International.

Tips & Warnings :

Each John Deere owner’s manual contains information on how to find all the identification numbers of each of their products.